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Are you ready for a new and exciting opportunity in an online learning environment? Read the information below to learn about online learning expectations and to see if Accelerate Online Academy is the right fit for you!

Full-Time vs Part-Time Benefits

Check out the benefits of learning with Accelerate Academy below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Full-Time Students

Full-time students are those enrolled in our academic tuition programs. They pay one set tuition price and consider Accelerate Online Academy their home school.

Students who seek full-time enrollment in our academic programs will first fill out an application. They will then meet with an academic advisor to create a Student Learning Plan determining the best course of study. Once the courses have been finalized and tuition has been paid, the student will be enrolled in their classes and begin learning!

All of our full-time programs are fully accredited and students who graduate our High School Program will receive an accredited U.S. high school diploma.

online high school program
online high school program

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are those who wish to enroll individually in our classes and are welcome to take any class they desire from our course catalog. However, we recommend that part-time students contact their home district to ensure that transferred credits will be accepted prior to enrolling.

Enrolling in classes at Accelerate is easy. Simply browse our course catalogue, add a course to your cart, and check out! Make sure to only shop for one student's courses at a time as our check-out process can only accept one student's information

During the check-out process, customers will be ask to decide their course start and end dates. For students enrolling during the traditional fall and spring semesters, we recommend taking our semester-long courses over a period of 14-20 weeks. Additionally, Student's wishing to study in the summer can complete a full semester of learning in as little as 6 weeks. However, student's enrolling in Advanced Placement (AP) courses must follow our school calendar dates.

After Enrollment

Getting Started
Once enrolled in either a full-time program or in an individual course, students will receive a login for their course(s) and can begin learning. Each Accelerate Online Academy course includes a pacing guide with target due dates to help students manage their coursework. To find out more about our online learning expectations when enrolling you can contact our support team or read our student handbook.
Teacher Feedback
As the student completes course assignments, a teacher will provide individualized feedback on the student’s performance as well as suggestions for future success. All courses also include synchronous sessions, which are real time discussions or meetings with the teacher. One-on-one individual tutoring sessions can be scheduled with teachers as needed. To learn more about our instructors click here.

Course Calendar & Durations

At Accelerate Online Academy, students can enroll and begin their course(s) at any time of the year. Contact us to learn more about our online homeschooling course calendar.

For students enrolling during the traditional fall and spring semesters, we recommend taking our semester-long courses in a period of 14-20 weeks. On this schedule, students are expected to work a minimum of 5 hours per week and are given specific tasks each week.

Students wishing to study in the summer can complete a full semester of learning in as little as 6 weeks. At a 6-week pace, students are expected to work a minimum of 11.5 hours per week and are given tasks each week.

Fall 2023
August 28, 2023 – January 5, 2024
Spring 2024
January 15, 2024 – May 17, 2024

How Our Online Courses Work

At Your Own Pace

Students work through the lessons and assignments at their own pace. There is a pacing guide in the course that has target due dates. This pacing guide is based upon the course start and end dates and distributes the work evenly through the course period. The pacing guide is a suggestion, meaning students can always submit work early or after the target due date as long as they complete all of their work by the course end date. 20 weeks is the maximum amount a time a student can spend in a semester.

Learn Your Way

In each class, your student will have a highly-qualified teacher that will grade assignments, answer course content questions, and be available for one-on-one sessions with your child as needed. Teachers will also have optional group synchronous sessions where students can engage in group discussion and learning.

Login Anytime

Students can login to the learning platform anytime, from anywhere, and can complete their lessons and assignments! There are no set login times, unless a meeting with the teacher has been pre-scheduled.

Credits Earned

Upon completing a course, your child will receive a final grade. All classes taken with us are officially accredited and we can send transcripts to any other institution.

A Day In The Life

Jason, a high school student, logs-on to the learning system and works through the lessons and assignments shown on his calendar.

Jason watches his pre-recorded lessons, does his readings, and starts to complete his practical applications assignments.

He gets stumped on a math question and reaches out to his teacher for help. His teacher explains the concept and Jason is able to successfully complete the assignment.

online high school program

Parent Testimonial

“Personalized attention made all the difference for my child. She used to say she wasn't good at math. Her teacher showed her that she just needs more time to solve problems. Now, she enjoys math!”

online high school testimonial

Student Testimonial

“The flexible schedule lets me work around my pre-professional obligations like music lessons, rehearsals, and auditions, and I’m right on track with my academic timeline. It's the best of both worlds.”

online high school testimonial
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online high school program

Accelerate Online Academy is accredited by Cognia, formally known as AdvancED Accreditation, and many high school courses are University of California a-g approved. All of our Advanced Placement courses are College Board approved.

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