Accelerate Online Academy may be the perfect fit for students wanting to take individual online classes or a full-time online education! In our accredited online classes, we use only the best and research-tested educational materials combined with the instruction of highly qualified teachers so our students can reach their educational goals. Our school has also won multiple curriculum awards, separating us from other online education providers.

Accelerate offers over 180 different online classes, including over 25 AP and honors courses and over 30 electives/career electives. This extensive curriculum offering allows our students to receive an individualized education specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. Additionally, unlike a traditional school setting, our classes allow students to work at their own pace, which means any student who may struggle in any academic area will not be left behind and any students who may excel in any academic area will not be held back. Students are free to learn at the pace that best suits them leading to academic success.