Individual online courses at Accelerate are not only affordable, but flexible. Students decide their own start and end dates and can work in the learning management system at the times of day that best suit them!


Accelerate Online Academy offers over 180 different online courses, all of which are available for individual use! With a selection of over 25 Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses and over 30 elective courses, Accelerate provides great course variety so every student can fulfill their own unique needs and reach their academic goals.

Students can enroll in as many as 7 individual courses in any given semester. However, we recommend that students wishing to take 4 or more individual classes apply to our Full-Time Tuition Programs.

Individual courses are perfect for students who:

  • need supplementary credits;
  • want to enhance their college applications; or
  • simply wish to study an area of interest.

We recommend that all students wishing to transfer their credits earned at Accelerate back to their home school district seek their home district's approval prior to enrolling.

individual online course


Enrolling in an Individual Course at Accelerate Online Academy is simple! Just look through our course catalog, add a course to your cart, check out, and begin learning!