Below are some of most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or need anything, we're here to help!

Is there a deadline for enrollment?

No, students can enroll in semester-long flexible courses at any time of the year! All of our courses besides Advanced Placement classes can be taken as a semester-long flexible course. Visit our course calendar page to learn more.Sample Text

Am I required to be in class at a specific time every day?

No, a student’s daily schedule is up to the student and parent. However, students are required to complete their work according to the pacing guide, which is determined by the course start and end dates.

Can I get my high school diploma from Accelerate Online Academy?

Yes, as long as all of our graduation requirements are met. Though, if you are looking to get your diploma from Accelerate Online Academy, we recommend you enroll in our full-time academic programs!

Who is eligible to enroll in Accelerate Online Academy?

Students in grades k-12 from all over the world are eligible to enroll in our online courses and programs. Our only requirement is students must be under the age of 19. However, students who reach the age of 19 during a school year may complete that school year.

If I’m having any issues with my course, technical or other, is there someone I can call?

Yes! Our help desk is open from the hours of 8am-10pm EST Monday through Friday. Visit our customer support page to get in contact with them.

How can I check on my child’s progress?

Parents are enrolled as observers in their child’s course. This allows parents to receive a weekly email of their child’s progress report as well as log in to our learning management system to see their child’s grades, pacing, course material, and teacher feedback.

Do your courses require extra materials?

Some courses do require additional materials such as a novel or art supplies that the student must acquire for themselves. A list of these required materials is provided in our course descriptions as well as upon purchase of a course. We do offer some material kits for purchase through us.