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9–12 Online Course Catalog


Language Arts

Contemporary Novels

Creative Writing

Honors Language Arts 9 A&B

Honors Language Arts 10 A&B

Honors Language Arts 11 A&B

Honors Language Arts 12 A&B

Language Arts 9 A&B

Language Arts 10 A&B

Language Arts 11 A&B

Language Arts 12 A&B


Algebra 1 A&B

Algebra 2 A&B

Consumer Math A&B

Geometry A&B

Honors Algebra 1 A&B

Honors Algebra 2 A&B

Honors Geometry A&B

Integrated Math 1 A&B

Integrated Math 2 A&B

Integrated Math 3 A&B

Pre-Algebra A&B

Pre-Calculus A&B

Social Studies

American Government

American History A&B



Honors American Government

Honors American History A&B

Honors Economics

Honors World History A&B

World Geography and Cultures A&B

World History A&B



Anatomy and Physiology A&B

Biology A&B

Chemistry A&B

Earth Science A&B

Honors Biology A&B

Honors Chemistry A&B

Honors Physics A&B

Marine Science


Physical Science A&B

Physics A&B

Renewable Energy

Space Exploration

Health & P.E.

First Aid

Flexibility Training

Health A&B

Individual and Team Sports


Physical Education A&B


Strength Training

Walking Fitness

World Languages

Chinese 1 A&B

Chinese 2 A&B

French 1 A&B

French 2 A&B

French 3 A&B

German 1 A&B

German 2 A&B

Latin 1 A&B

Latin 2 A&B

Spanish 1 A&B

Spanish 2 A&B

Spanish 3 A&B


Advanced Placement

AP Biology A&B

AP Calculus AB A&B

AP Calculus BC A&B

AP Chemistry A&B

AP Computer Science A A&B

AP French Language and Culture A&B

AP English Language and Composition A&B

AP English Literature A&B

AP European History A&B

AP Government and Politics A&B

AP Physics 1 A&B

AP Spanish Language A&B

AP US History A&B

AP World History A&B



Art Appreciation

Art History

Basic Drawing

Beginning Painting

Character Education

Child Development

Music Appreciation

Psychology A&B


Study Skills and Strategies

Theater Studies

World of STEAM


Career Electives


Arts Careers

Basic Web Design

Business Law

Career Planning

Computer Basics

Digital Media

Digital Photography

Film and Television

Financial Literacy

Graphic Design

Health Careers

Intro to Business

Intro to Java Programming

Intro to Nursing A&B



Media and Communication



Python Multiplayer Adventure